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Where Dance Beats and Waves Clash, Memories are Created !!


Boat party

With our thrilling boat parties in Phuket, set sail into the ultimate party paradise!  Dive with us into energetic vibes, pulsating beats, and jaw-dropping views. We design nautical adventures that transform celebrations into something more than just parties. 

Imagine sparkling waters, golden sunsets, and dancing below the stars to the sounds of a DJ spinning the newest music. Our boat parties combine luxury, thrills, and untamed fun to create something more than just an event.

Pool party

Imagine yourself sipping ozzy-boozy cocktails and dancing to the beats of the latest tracks around the swimming pool. Our pool party is more than just a get-together. It’s a celebration of joy and a burst of colourful energy. Enjoy the ultimate watery celebration at our lavish pool party! 

Float on giant inflatables, hang out with other partygoers, and follow the beat of the music as you move. Carefree vibes and crystal-clear waters combine in our poolside paradise to create an unmatched sensory experience. Celebrate with us as we turn recreation into a mad dash, the pool into a dance floor, and each splash into a beat.


Special events

We create unique experiences for significant events, such as Christmas celebrations or stunning New Year’s Eve. Enjoy amazing experience that only Phuket’s breathtaking coastline can provide, and feel the rhythm of the waves. Enjoy yourself to the fullest while surrounded by the ideal fusion of luxury, entertainment, and holiday cheer.

Get your ticket now and come along on a journey where each wave is a beat and each sunset is a reason to celebrate. Prepare yourself for a lifetime experience that will leave you wanting more. Let the party begin, and let the sea capture you in its charm !!

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