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Welcome to Sail Away Party, where we transform ordinary events into unforgettable experiences! Being the best event and party planner in the area, we are experts at creating the most amazing boat sail-away parties, making sure that your time on the Andaman Sea is nothing short of remarkable.

Our team of professionals is committed to creating unique and spectacular events that will amaze you and your guests. At Sail Away Party, we take great pride in being your go-to partner for organizing a boat party that is more than just an occasion. Rather, it’s an adventure full of happiness, joy, and lifelong memories.


Our Mission

Our passion is creating a one-of-a-kind fusion of luxury, excitement, and joy at cruise sail-away parties on the Andaman Sea through careful planning and execution, with our creativity and passion for providing unmatched service.


Our Vission

We want to be the best option for anyone looking to have a unique celebration at sea. Our aim is to go above and beyond expectations so that each event we organize leaves our clients and their guests with priceless memories.


Our achievement

Our goals are to not only leave our customers with long-lasting memories but also to position Sail Away Party as a name connected to exceptional occasions and flawless celebrations.  We aim to be the best in our industry.

Why choose US?


Top Events and Party Planners

We bring a plethora of experience and knowledge to Sail Away Boat Party. Being the best party planner in the area, we have a track record of creating and putting off amazing sail-away parties on the Andaman Sea.

A Complete Bundle of Fun

We provide a unique blend of luxury, entertainment, and adventure on the Andaman Sea, going above and beyond standard event planning. The amazing landscapes, sparkling waters, and lively ambience provide the ideal setting for our sail-away celebrations.

Customised Packages

We take great satisfaction in providing individualised and customised services that are tailored to your unique tastes and style. Our team works closely with you to understand your vision and make it a reality, from the first consultation to the last goodbye. Contact us to request a customised package!


Swimming Pool Specialist. Distributors for all swimming pool products.

Shahdale Adha Pool Specialist

Swimming Pool Specialist. Distributors for all swimming pool products.

William Ting Boat Specialist

Swimming Pool Specialist. Distributors for all swimming pool products.

M Aung Special events

Swimming Pool Specialist. Distributors for all swimming pool products.

William Ting Boat Specialist

Meet our team


Eduardo Cubillo (Eddy)



Pariwat Nawsopee (Janji)


Elliot Jones

Founder - DJ

Unique and Tailored Experience

Experience the unique and customized Sail Away Party in Phuket, where party planning meets the water to create a thrilling and enjoyable atmosphere. Selecting Sailaway Party for your special occasion turns every wave into a beat and every sunset into an occasion to celebrate.

Whether it’s a celebration of your birthday, anniversary, or any other important occasion in your life, we are here to make sure that your event is amazing. From the time you board, until the very last note of music fades away, we promise to give you a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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